The information you need is at the bottom of your invoice. Remember to choose the
correct PBS number.

Before pressing ”Send” on the next screen, you should
double-check the entered data to avoid errors during registration.

A registration for Betalingsservice usually takes 6-8 weeks. You will typically receive 1-2
monthly invoices before the registration is completed. These invoices must be paid in
the normal way until the payment appears in your payment summary.

Do you have questions regarding registration for Betalingsservice, you can contact our accounting department
on tel. 39 75 02 13.

Your information is handled completely confidentially and sent directly to Betalingsservice,
in the same secure way as with payments via the internet.

At the bottom of the registration window you will see a small padlock icon, which shows that you are on a secure
server. In addition, your registration takes place on an encrypted line. This means that no one can
read or insert information into the information exchanged between you and Betalingsservice.

Register for PBS here